Some employers operate for years before they experience a union organizing drive.  Some employers are never far away from their next organizing drive.

Whether a union organizing drive is a once in a lifetime event, or a regular occurrence for your business, one thing is certain – an organizing drive is a disruptive and often emotional experience for any business owner.

The rules that apply to union organizing drives are complex, and often run counter to common sense.  A union will frequently use an employer’s lack of familiarity with such rules to gain an upper hand during a union campaign.

A union will come on strong at the beginning of a drive, provoke the employer (or his supervisors) into making a mistake, and then exploit that mistake (and the liability that goes with it) to coerce the employer into doing what the union wants.

For this reason, the time to prepare for a union organizing drive is before the union contacts your employees or shows up at your office or job site.

I can come to your place of business and provide cost-effective training to you and your supervisors on how to keep the union from gaining a foothold in your business, and how to respond to an organizing drive if and when it occurs.

I can also provide you with numerous ways to reach me, so that you can contact me on a moment’s notice should a union appear at your office or job site.

I have over 30 years’ experience in labor and employment matters, and can help you and your business comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Free initial consultation on all new matters.

Large-firm experience at small-firm rates.